Sunday, July 18, 2010

Typhoon Basyang

It has been almost a week since Typhoon Basyang made her unwelcomed visit to the Philippines.  I have never anticipated that she'll be as destructive as Typhoon Pepeng.  A week has passed and still I haven't recovered.  Our electricity is back after less than 24 hours but I do not have an internet connection.  I can't believe that my neighbors are already back in the net and I am not.  I called my provider and they politely asked me to monitor my connection for 24 hours.  Nothing has changed after 24 hours so I called again their hotline to follow up my complaint but they asked me again to monitor for another 24 hours.  So here I am now, renting a computer with internet connection because probably I would still have to wait for another 24 hours for them to repair my internet connection.  Why oh why?!

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