Monday, July 19, 2010

Bath & Body Works Fruit Scented Body Lotions

These are my favorite body lotions from Bath & Body Works.  As you can see the Cucumber Melon scent is half empty because I use it everyday.  What I love about these lotions is that they leave a long lasting scent that you can skip spraying perfume or cologne.  And the fruity scent is just oh so yummy!  I have also tried the Japanese Cherry Blossom and Sensual Amber and they also smell really good.  I actually have stocks of this brand courtesy of my Aunts who live in the US.  These are really affordable, if you buy two of this for $10.50 you get a FREE bottle or if you buy three, you get two FREE bottles.

Also from Bath & Body Works, I am obssessed with this Breathe moisture boost body lotion in Happiness scent.  I have this in my bag and use it to perk up my mood.  The scent of citrus and watermint are so refreshing.  This is also available in Romance and Comfort and sells fro $12.50.

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