Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Mom and the Toyota Camry

My Mom, after thinking a hundred times about having a vacation, finally said yes and together with a friend, they went to Illinois.  My Mom could possibly be the most hilarious woman on earth.  Here is one of her misadventures during her vacation in Illinois.

Her friend's sister owns a Toyota Camry and my mom's friend asked her sister if they could borrow the car for a week.  Her sister said yes.  Off to the town they went and my mother was the driver.  They went to the grocery to buy some stuff before they visit Harpo Studios--not to watch Oprah but just to be at the studio.  They hurriedly went to the parking lot to get the car and my mom noticed that it wasn't locked.  Her friend said that they should take it to the auto repair shop to check what was the matter.  They dialed a Chicago auto repair shop near to where they are and before anyone on the other line could answer the phone, a man went running towards my mom and her friend.  This is the part where everything became hilarious.  Apparently, the car in trouble is not the car they borrowed.  Their car was parked on the other side of the building and the car they thought theirs was the man's.  My mom explained that it looked exactly like the car they were driving and because they just borrowed it, they did not know the plate number.  My mom and her friend were so apologetic and thank goodness the man was forgiving.  They went to the other side of the building to where their car was and drove to Harpo Studios laughing their hearts out.

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