Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog To Earn

I know that blog exists but it was only last year when I considered signing up for a blog because of my friend who makes blogging as her means to share her thoughts and feelings and at the same time earn extra by sponsored posts and advertisements.  I tried it last November with my maiden blog entitled Random Thoughts.  I really had no idea how things go about with blogging, I just write whatever I like--from the latest news to my personal advocacy.  It's fun.  I did not primarily sign up for a blog to earn, in fact I do not have an Adsense account to begin with.  I got curious when I heard that one of my friend's friend's career is blogging.  I asked her the basics to this earning while blogging thing and I got hooked to discovering more about it.  Aside from paying bloggers for every click on the advertisements in their blog, they also earn by blogging about products.  If you will ask bloggers where the majority of their income comes from, they will say it is by product reviews.  I searched on the internet the best sites where bloggers will be hired by advertisers to write about their product or their own website. Here are three of those blog paying sites that I have tried:

1. Pay Per Post - I still have not received an opportunity for this but this is where most of my friends are getting write-up requests.  You can check out if you have opportunity leads and reserve for an opportunity.  Payment is through PayPal.

2. Social Spark - You can see lots of opportunities in this site--from CPC, Affiliate to Posts.  Of course you have to be qualified to write something about the advertiser.  If you are still waiting for your site to have the desired number of visitors and PR, you can suffice in becoming an affiliate.  Payment is directed to your PayPal account.

3. Blog Advertising Store - New sites with insufficient Alexa rank can still have an opportunity to blog and get paid because of their flexible advertisers.  You can sign up to ten blogs to your account and reserve for an opportunity for up to three times per blog.  If your blog does not qualify to any of their opportunities, you can still have a shot at earning by putting your badge to your website to let advertisers hire you directly. Payment is also through PayPal.

If you will make blogging your career, here are some of the things that you should consider.

1. Be sincere and truthful with everything that you will write.  Blogging has become one of the best and cost efficient means to advertise, in fact, businesses have come to advertise on blogs to reach their target market in just a click.  Even if it is a sponsored post, be sincere and allow your readers to make their own judgment about the product.

2. Do not rush into accepting sponsored posts if you have little knowledge about the product or it simply doesn't interest you.

3. Read.  Just because you write doesn't mean you need not read.  I don't know any writer who is not also an avid reader.  Expand your horizon and share it with your loyal readers. 

4. Consider submitting your articles to article directories so that more and more people will learn about your blogging prowess. 

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