Friday, January 29, 2010

My Facebook Addiction Level

How Addicted to Facebook Are You?
Created by Oatmeal

I am not (yet) addicted to Facebook... the result confirms it.  

I admit to signing in to my Facebook account first before checking my email and I do get worried if it is past my harvesting time... but I am not (yet) addicted to Facebook.

I admit to having more than 10 apps in my account but I regularly play/maintain only 5 (Pet Society, Restaurant City, Farmville, Home Inn, Petville and Medical Meyhem) and I recently added Ponzi, Inc. as  one of my regular games.

I admit to answering several surveys and quizzes in Facebook, in fact I used to check my good/evil status daily.

I am not (yet) addicted to Facebook, I only have 193 friends.

What is good about it is it is just so fun to catch up with old friends and tagging them on the oldest picture you could ever find.

I am not (yet) addicted to Facebook... and I am in denial.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Logistics

Poor piggies!

Hallelujah Avatar!

Avatar replaced Titanic as the King of the (Movie) World earning as much as $1.895 billion and not only that, China has officially renamed their mountain Southern Sky Column to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.

The Chinese government actually said the Hallelujah Mountains of Pandora were actually the Southern Sky Column as a Hollywood photographer spent time taking pictures of the mountain back in 2008.

We all know we couldn't be in Pandora but at least we could go to Zhangjiajie, China to see in awe this amazing work of nature.  If you are interested, you can book your flight here.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Wonders of Makeup

I believe makeup is one of the most important inventions of all time.  Need proof?  Look at the before and after pictures of the British Model Lily Donaldson.

 Images courtesy of NY Magazine.
Lily is already gorgeous sans the makeup but after the makeover for the runway show, she becomes a goddess.  The eye makeup made the wonders on the after picture.  This is what makeovers are supposed to do... to amplify the already existing beauty in a person.  This is also proof that heavy eye makeup needs to be paired ONLY with a lip gloss.

To see other pictures of Ms. Donaldson, click here.
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