Monday, January 31, 2011

A sandwich that never spoils and a pasta that is for adults only

Yep! That's a yummy peanut butter & jelly sandwich. And you can carry it anywhere and anytime. One thing though, you cannot eat it because it is a purse.

Doesn't it make you hungry already? Get it at Fred Flare for $14.

If you are still in for quirky and kinky stuffs, you may want to add in your cart the Penis Pasta that is, well, shaped like a penis.

$10 at Fred Flare.

Or a pasta that is shaped like boobs.
Also $10 at Fred Flare.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank You!


Where the Wind Blows received its first page rank today... all because of your support. Thank you for dropping by, for reading and for commenting. So, what's next for this blog? Of course, more interesting, entertaining, touching and shocking topics.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cars 2 Sneak Preview

My son will go bonkers when he hears that his favorite Lighting McQueen and Tow Mater will be back in the big screen for Cars 2. I am actually excited because we will watch this on our next movie date.

Creative designs out of common household items

Photo from
I really dig this photo from digital journalism. This is just one of the many creative designs out of common household items that tell really unique stories. Check out their other designs that will make your smirk and smile and say "why didn't I think of that!"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Understand what women really mean using the Manslater

Our words can be so hard to decipher sometimes. No need to worry guys because the Manslater can translate our words to what we really mean.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

May the force be with you!

Photo from here.
Can you identify them all?

May the force be with you!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four reasons why I do not have a tattoo

Photo from here.

I can have my ears pierced several times (actually had two earrings on each ear when I was in high school), I can bear facials, I can survive months without pedicure (gross), I can eat balut, I can even dissect a corpse but, if there is one thing I could not do, it is to have a tattoo. 

I only have four reasons:

1. If I am in love and into tattoos, there's a possibility that I will have my man's name tattooed on my body. And what will I do if in case things don't go well in our relationship? I will have to endure erasing the tattoo or let my next relationship endure the sight of my ex's name tattooed on my body.

2. I could not imagine my tattoo when I reach 60.

3. We will never know when will the zodiac signs change. A few days ago, I was an Aquarius but now I am Capricorn. 

4. We are human and we all commit mistakes... like misspelled words and wrong grammar (photo above).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ophiuchus: The 13th Zodiac Sign

Photo from here.

And then I woke up one day not anymore an Aquarian but a Capricornian. I have been living and believing that the traits of an Aquarian are mine so it was a headache inducing thought that I no longer match the traits of the Water Bearer.

Apparently, there's another zodiac sign--Ophiuchus (The Snake Bearer).

Here's another headache inducing fact: it is not the 13th zodiac but in fact the 10th, following Sagittarius. If you're born between November 30 to December 17, lo and behold, you are no longer a Sagittarian but an Ophiucan (?).

Photo from here.
The Ophiuchus represents a man wrestling a serpent and splitting its body into two. It is associated with Imhotep, a 27th century Egyptian doctor, and Biblical Joseph the Dreamer. Having mentioned the two names,   people who were born between November 30 to December 17 are healers, seeks higher education and enlightenment. As you will notice, the Ophiuchus sign resembles the caduceus and the rod of Asclepius--both are associated with the medical profession.

How come?

The earth tilted its axis a bit which made the constellations out of alignment. Further explanation can be read here.

So, there. Get used to your new Zodiac sign... it will remain that way for centuries (if you are still living).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cool wall design idea!

You can turn this colorful wall into this:

Or turn this black wall into these without repainting the wall.

The secret to this very 'interactive' wall is this:

Triangular panels with different colored sides that you can rotate to change the wall design depending on your mood. Clever isn't it? This is the design concept of Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov (Amirko). He calls this 'Change It!'.

Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags for FREE!

Click on the photo or this link and get a chance to win a Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag!

It is Hard To Be A Model: Catwalk and liquor don't go well together.

I have to show this to you. Catwalk and liquor are a bad combination. This is just a show but it proves again that it really is hard to be a model... I wonder how much the two girls got after the show?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Books!

After pampering myself earlier this day, I went to a bookstore to buy some books.

You can buy this at Amazon for $9.95.

You can buy this at Amazon for $4.

I chose to buy these books because I was recently assigned in marketing. Although I have a background in marketing and customer service, I need to brush up on it because it has been a long time since I worked as a marketing staff. It is a special task and I want to prove the big wigs that I can do it. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I was crying when I woke up

Photo from here.
I was crying when I woke up this morning.

It was because of a dream involving a grandmother, my sister and a classmate in college.

Inside my sister's house, I saw her talking to our grandmother.  I could not see the face of the old woman but I know she is our grandmother.  She was showing a passbook to my sister and telling her that it's her lifetime's savings.  I could not tell the exact amount but I am sure it is more than $2M.  I was shocked upon hearing the amount.  I kept on listening with our grandmother's story and her next few words were more shocking than the size of her bank account. She will give her savings to another person... not my sister, not me... my classmate in college.  I will not anymore mention the name but it was really her... right there on the paper, straight from our grandmother's mouth.  I was furious.  I had a lot of questions.  Why would our grandmother show the account to my sister and tell her on her face that she will not get it?  Why would she give it to my classmate?  Are we related?  I saw my sister's face changed color.  We met in the eye and I bet she's asking the same questions. When I saw tears starting to well on my sister's eyes, I turned my back on her and went inside my house.  I remember I was screaming and saying things but I could not anymore remember the words. Inside my house, my tears started to fall down. I was really hurt. I was sobbing. I really felt bad.

To wake up crying, as interpreted by Dream Moods, means some suppressed hurt or previous trauma that is coming out of the surface. These emotions could no longer be suppressed and therefore must be dealt with head on.

Crying in dream means that you are trying to regain emotional balance and to safely release fears and frustrations that you could not release in your waking life.

Did you ever experience waking up crying?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How did you spend your new year?

Happy New Year!

How did your 01-01-11 went?  I hope you had a great time celebrating the New Year.  I had a blast.  We celebrated it in our grandparent's house.  We heard mass before the kids exchange gifts.  It is our family's tradition to have exchange gifts before New Year's Eve.  We did the usual new year customaries and beliefs in the Philippines and watched the fireworks in the sky after our fireworks have all been lit up.

This new year celebration is different to what we are used to because we did not celebrate it in our own homes.  But, it was fun.  I think we have captured the spirit of the New Year... to end the year with all your loved ones surrounding you.
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