Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sky High Studded Sandal (Splurge, Save, Steal)

Studded, reminiscent of Roman gladiator sandals, and sky high shoes are the in thing right now and the designs are not limited to designer labels.  Any of the three options that I chose will satisfy your craving for this really chic trend.


For those who are brand conscious, this Gucci Babouska studded sandal is worth $1,295 in Neiman Marcus.


INC International Concept Shoes Deasy Sandals sells for $79 at Macys. 


Sorry for the blurred picture, I am too excited to show my latest purchase (a gift for myself). I bought this for Php800 or roughly $16 at SM Shoe Mart in the Philippines  This is not available online.

Worry not.  You can still own a pair for $16.49 at Charlotte Russe--just look at these studded woven platform.

See, being a fabulous chic doesn't mean spending a fortune, you just have to be patient in finding other options. 

Monday, December 14, 2009

All I Want for Christmas

Wow!  Less than three weeks left before we bid goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010.  Everyone has done their wish list.  Who doesn't want to receive something that  you really like?!  When I was a child, my mom and dad used to ask me what I want for Christmas and although I have the most absurd wish, they give me the closest thing to it.

Technology fascinates me--from cellphones to computer and to just about anything that technology has to offer.  Although I do not have the latest gadgets, I always try to update my knowledge of the latest innovations from time to time.  I also love to read.  My fascination for technology and reading brought me to Kindle Wireless Reading Device.

This device is sleek (just over 1/3 of an inch), weighs just about a typical paper back (10.2 ounces).  This lean but mean device can hold up to 1,500 books--that's a lot for a bookworm to handle.  You may order books on-line and you don't even need a computer to do this because it operates via wireless 3G technology and even if you couldn't finish reading the book in one day, this device can operate for up to four days.  This buddy is not just for books, you may also browse for the latest headlines, your favorite blog, or magazine.  What's more interesting about this device is that it has a Text-to-Speech technology--all you have to do is listen. This buddy costs $259 at and $1.99 for every book download.  To read the full specification of this device, click here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone

It is nearly Christmas and I haven't done my gift shopping for my friends and family.  I wanted to make every gift special, practical and budget friendly.  For those who lack the time (and budget), here are some holiday gift ideas for everyone.
For your BFF, Terre d'Oc Indian Beauty Pouch comes with a makeup remover, a mascara and natural lip gloss and sells for only $49.50 in  The pouch handmade by Thai families in Chiang Mai province is so cute, your BFF can use it for other purpose.

For dad, the USB mini fridge and heater will surely melt his heart.  He can work on his computer and sip a cup of hot coffee or cold soda by just plugging the mini fridge in the USB port.  This brilliant invention costs only $32.

For mom who always prepare delicious and healthy meals, Curtis Stone's cooking workbench is perfect.  This chopping board has compartments for the chopped ingredients that actually measures to about 1 cup and a stainless steel drawer for the wastes.  This kitchen mate sells for only $299.99.

For teenage girls who can't have enough girly girl accessories, the Fashion Accessory Gift Set comes with shades, a watch, keychain and a coin purse.  For only $22.95, the set comes in a box which makes this gift even special.

For teenage boys, this telescope with tripod will enhance his understanding of the universe.  With a focal length of 800mm, this is perfect for beginners.

For the kids, it is best that you give them educational materials and my choice is The Very Hungry Caterpillar Pop-up Book that sells for $29.99 and is available at

For the shabby chic aunt, Kaari Meng's French General: Handmade Soirées is the perfect guide for throwing the best parties in town.  Unleash the inner Bree VanderKamp in her because this book is packed with great party decorating ideas from table settings to giveaways for only $29.95.  She will never be dumbfounded for what to do on her next party.
For grandma or grandpa, Anthropologie's One-Lump-Or-Two lamp is the one that will add flare to their home.  This lamp only costs $198... any tea connoisseur would agree that it will bring something special for their tea time.

Learning coupled with singing is more fun for any toddler especially if he is watching the Sing & Sign DVD.  This DVD is packed with 13 original songs and sign language that will surely enhance your bonding time with your kids.  This DVD costs only $21.99.
If your child is showing talent in arts, particularly photography, Vtech's Kidizoom Digital Camera is perfect.  See the world through your child's eye with this camera for only $99.99.

There are lots of things to buy and so much to choose from.  The general rule of thumb when buying gifts, cheap doesn't actually mean savings--buy gifts that will last.

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am Loving Right Now: Victoria's Secret Dream Angels

I am currently loving Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Eau de Parfum in Heavenly scent with matching lotion that my aunt gave me.  The scent of peony, vanilla and sandalwood gives a subtle scent that lasts all day.  The perfume comes in different sizes that ranges from $39 to $59.  To add more depth to the scent, you may also use its matching lotion.  This scent is perfect day or night.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Changing Bags In A Breeze

A woman of fashion and style knows that bags, like any other accessories, can make or break any outfit. Whether you may be a student or a career woman who is always on the go, changing bags to match your outfit sometimes becomes a hassle especially when you have a lot of things stuffed in your bag.  I have found the perfect solution to this dilemma--a bag organizer!  I bought this bag organizer in a mall for only Php179.00 or roughly $4.00.  Everything in my bag became a lot easier to find because of the different compartments, there's even a slot for a pen or two.  For a big bag user like me, this size is perfect, but there are actually a lot of sizes to choose from depending on the size of your bag.  Aside from organizing your bag, other organizers can stand alone as a bag because of their stylish prints and versatile handles.  Whether you aim for a fast bag change or just to make a little organization in your life, bag organizers are definitely for keeps.
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