Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four reasons why I do not have a tattoo

Photo from here.

I can have my ears pierced several times (actually had two earrings on each ear when I was in high school), I can bear facials, I can survive months without pedicure (gross), I can eat balut, I can even dissect a corpse but, if there is one thing I could not do, it is to have a tattoo. 

I only have four reasons:

1. If I am in love and into tattoos, there's a possibility that I will have my man's name tattooed on my body. And what will I do if in case things don't go well in our relationship? I will have to endure erasing the tattoo or let my next relationship endure the sight of my ex's name tattooed on my body.

2. I could not imagine my tattoo when I reach 60.

3. We will never know when will the zodiac signs change. A few days ago, I was an Aquarius but now I am Capricorn. 

4. We are human and we all commit mistakes... like misspelled words and wrong grammar (photo above).

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