Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When To Keep Things Secret

très chic: Who Won the Grand Lotto Jackpot? Keep It A Secret.

If you won any lotto jackpot, will you tell it to the world?

I won't. I love my life so much for the criminals to know.

Unfortunately, some people thought that knowing who won and broadcasting it to the world will earn them the praise for bringing the news. Well, that is not the case. I really feel sorry for Miko Morelos and his family from being a victim of false news. As for Tim Yap, he did get extra famous... famous for spreading wrong information that makes the life of another person in jeopardy. He has lost his credibility.

People, common sense is not so common.

This is a concrete example of when to keep things secret. Even if Morelos and his family deny it, I don't think everyone will believe them. In the chase for who the multi-millionaire is, the hunting will start with Morelos.

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