Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Patio Makeover

I had a conversation last night with my mom.  She now lives in the US together with my younger sister and a dog named King.  In our almost an hour of conversation, it was all about King and how the dog made her decide to finally go for a patio makeover.

They just moved in to a new house when they had King.  Mom had no plans of renovating their patio because their first project is the living room.  To make the long story short, King must have a place of his own because he's all over the house, scratching and biting the living room couch.  My mom thought that if the patio is more conducive to dogs, King will leave the couch alone.  Being the supportive daughter that I am (as if I can stop her from doing the makeover), I told her to buy patio decor from furniture stores that are right in her budget, has a wide selection of furniture, and will deliver the items for free because she is so busy all the time.  And I asked her to send me a photo of the patio after the makeover.

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