Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions

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I don't normally do New Year's resolutions because I believe that changing for the better can start any day even without an occasion, but, for the sake of the spirit of New Year, I will give you my resolutions.  I only have a few but realistic and achievable resolutions.  I don't want to list more than what I can keep.

1.  I will not go on a diet but instead I will choose to eat healthier foods.
2.  I will not exercise but will make more steps a day than what I used to have.  And instead of taking the elevator or escalator, I will choose to use the stairs.
3.  I would still buy shoes (my only luxury) but I will only buy at most 4 in a year. This year, I bought seven and I am starting to feel guilty.
4.  I will maintain a year of no enemies.
5.  I will automatically deposit my freelancing income and 10% of my regular salary to my savings account.

These are the resolutions that I can keep.

Do you have resolutions?

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  1. Very nice list! You can definitely accomplish it, but don't feel guilty about shoes... I bought 7 pairs in October, 7 in September, 3 in December... and I confess I felt a bit guilty, but what's life after all? It's about learning, interacting, having fun!
    Happy New Year and do buy shoes! (My humble opinion!)


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