Friday, October 8, 2010

America in Color

I know this is stupid but when I was a kid, I thought that before I was born everything was in black and white.  Maybe it's the effect of watching old films in black and white too often that made me think of it that way.  Maybe it was just my make-believe story... or maybe...  whatever.

That's Huckleberry Finn with Tom Sawyer on the photo.  Not.  They're just the two persons that I thought of when I saw this photo.  It couldn't be Tom because Mark Twain published the book in 1876 while Huckleberry was published in 1884.  This was taken on June 1940.

I stumbled upon this colored picture of two boys fishing in a bayou in Schriever, Louisianna. This is just one of the few colored images that captured the effects of Depression in the US.  This photo and other photos that you will see on the link are properties of the Library of Congress.

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