Thursday, June 3, 2010

No Internet

No internet for five days... hell!

No internet for five days would be okay if:

1. I don't have a farm to tend... I don't want my plants to wither!

2. I don't have a restaurant to manage... thank goodness Restaurant City has improved their settings.  I opened my restaurant for 24 hours.

3. I don't have fishes to feed... I am now forced to harvest them all.

4. I don't have a pet to look after... Jimmy would be hungry... and his pet Swiper too!

5. I don't have a blog... err blogs to update... I have five for Pete's sake!

6. I don't have an online boss... I am a Virtual Assistant by night.

I still have a lot to enumerate but these six things are more important.  Generally, my life evolves into facing the computer and click until my hands get tired... numbers 5 and 6 helps me earn moolah.  I guess I have given enough good reasons to panic a bit.

Good luck to me on those five days!

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