Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Losing Someone

I received a bad news today and it has something to do with losing someone you nurtured and cared for inside your womb.

We all got excited of the news that our friend is expecting her second child.  We are more than ecstatic to know that she is expecting a girl.  She would post on her Facebook account the would-be name of her little princess and we would joke about her punishing her child if she will give her a really long name.  She is not married but lives with her boyfriend together with their three year-old son.  It wasn't a conventional and happy set-up because she would miss reporting to the office because of obvious bruises all over her body.  Yes, she is in an abusive relationship but she chose to stay with the man for hopes of change... nothing has changed, though.  Our friend is expecting her child on July but we were surprised that she had a CS four weeks earlier.  She was discharged from the hospital three days after but her baby remained inside the NICU.  We receive news about the baby's condition from time to time and each and every update, the child's condition becomes worse and just this day a friend confirmed that the baby didn't make it.

My friend have had preterm labors weeks before the baby came out and she would said  that it is due to stress.  We later found out that the cause of her stress is her boyfriend.  They had a huge fight in the morning  before she had an emergency CS.  She asked her neighbor to take her to the hospital because she feels that the baby would come out any time soon.  Her boyfriend is drinking in bouts outside their house. 

I felt hate to the man that my friend chose to love.  There is just no excuse for abuse.

Her little angel is now gone.  She was not given a chance to write her very long name... maybe because He knew that if she will live long enough, she will just witness her mom being abused by her dad.

I know that many women around the world have had an abusive relationship and many more women are struggling to get out of the situation.  Fear is the only emotion that would let the victim stay--fear of her own life and fear for the life of her children, but if she knows that there are people out there who will help her, she'll realize that it isn't late to gather up strength and courage to set herself free.

For tips on how to escape an abusive relationship, click here and you will be directed to Dr. Phil's official website.

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