Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Miss Universe's Final Questions

Miss Philippines, Venus Raj, was an early favorite during the Miss Universe 2010 pageant so it's not surprising that most people got disappointed at how the pageant ended--she landed 4th place.  Many said that if only she had answered William Baldwin's question in a more concrete and confident manner, she could have been the winner.  Nevertheless, Filipinos are still happy that at least a Filipina made her way to the top 5 because  it has been 11 years since Miriam Quiambao got the 2nd runner-up title during the 1999 Miss Universe.

Do you still remember the final question during the 1999 Miss Universe?

"If a Miss Universe were to become pregnant, should she be allowed to continue her reign?"

It was a nerve racking moment, I could still remember Miriam Quiambao taking a deep breath before answering the question.  When she finally had all the words organized in her thoughts, she answered:

"That's a difficult situation to be into... if she has pursued her goals, she should continue."

Just a thought... if William Baldwin will ask the same question to Venus Raj right now, I bet she'd say that her biggest mistake in life is not giving the most convincing answer during the pageant.

Although I wasn't born yet when Margie Moran won the 1973 Miss Universe, her answer is my most favorite of all.  She was asked:

"What is the difference between being Miss Universe and being a Filipina?"

She answered:

"Being Miss Universe is like having a birthstone, you may lose it.  Being a Filipina is like having a birthmark, it is forever."


Of all the Miss Universe pageants that I have watched, it is the 1994 final question that I can very well remember:

"What is the essence of being a woman?"

Miss India, Sushmita Sen, answered:

"Just being a woman is God's gift.  The origin of a child is a mother, a woman.  Woman is sharing, she shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about.  That is the essence of a woman."

It is a candidate's looks that will get her to the finals but it is her brains that will earn her the crown.

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