Monday, February 1, 2010

Grandma's Last Will

Grandma has only days to live... she could be gone days after this blog and she could be gone even before the day ends.  The time she was diagnosed with brain cancer up to the time that I learned about her story, his only grandchild  looked after her.

Grandma:  Come here boy, I have something very important to tell you.
Grandson:  What is it Grandma?
Grandma:  You know that you are the only relative I have and despite my condition, you never left me in one of those nursing homes for the sick and aged like me... and I thank you for that.
Grandson:  That is nothing compared to the love and care you've given me since my parents died.  You are now my mother and I love you so much!
Grandma:  Only He knows when I will be gone, I have already accepted it in exchange that He will take care of you in my behalf.  There are things that you didn't know of and I think this is the best time for me to tell it all to you.
Grandson:  What are you talking about, Grandma?
Grandma:  In your name I will leave you my land, all my animals and all the things I have come to acquire throughout the years.  Promise me that you will take care of them.  Promise me.
Grandson:  I promise, Grandma... I promise and I will never let you down.  Where is it then?
Grandma:  In Farmville... my Facebook account is and my password is grandson.  By the way, it is almost time to harvest my pumpkins... could you please harvest it for me before they wilt?

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