Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post Halloween Scare

Three days has passed since Halloween but I still have scary stories to tell.

It was around 6 o'clock in the evening yesterday when I excused myself from our meeting.  I had to pee.  I used the back door that leads to a private clinic to exit.  It was not really dark... dim.  After using the comfort room, I went back again to the clinic that leads to the meeting room.  On the left corner of my eye, just beside the consultation table, I noticed a child sitting still.  She was wearing a white dress, her hands are clasped on her lap and her head was slightly bent forward.  I could sense she was sad.  I also sensed she wasn't a real child.  I hurriedly entered the meeting room without even looking back.  I immediately told my seat mate what I saw and I gave her major goosebumps.

Just this afternoon, a strange thing happened again.  This time it was a doppleganger.  I immediately went to the office after eating lunch at the canteen to take some rest and fix myself.  Our office is located at the basement (we call it dungeon), just under the old Operating Room.  I bumped into Lea, one of our helpers, on my way going down the stairs.  She smiled like she normally does but never said a word.  I smiled back and didn't notice anything weird until I entered the room.  My office mate told me that Lea is looking for me to ask me if I have any bills I would like to settle because she will go to the bank later.  I hurriedly went to catch the helper thinking she'll go to the bank already without asking me.  When I stepped out of the door, I saw Lea was talking to one of our office mates on the far corner of the other office.  I called her.  I told her that I thought she already left because I bumped into her hurriedly going upstairs.  She was shocked of what I said.  Apparently, she never left the office and it's the first time that she saw me (when I called her from another room).  She had goosebumps.

That's the third time that I crossed into a doppelganger in the same location. 

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