Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hoping for A Better World

I have high regards for philanthropists and all other people who take time to do volunteer works for the community.  I could not imagine the world without these people.  It simply shows that in each one of us there is this little place called kindness that is yet to be discovered by many.  

I just got home from a seminar and I was privileged to talk about the 7 essential values that employees should have (at least in our company)--respect, honesty, trustworthiness, commitment, loyalty, discipline and solidarity.  I intended my discussion to be light because I know that these values are already there, they just need to be polished a bit.  I put emphasis on discipline because it is the bridge towards goals and accomplishments.  To emphasize the value, I shared a story that really happened about a year ago when a mayor stopped a private vehicle and asked the driver to pick up the bushel that a child threw from the inside of their car.  The mayor strictly implements cleanliness in their town and seeing people actually offending the law isn't something that should be ignored.  The town is now considered one of the cleanest in Luzon.

About two years ago, after receiving a bunch of letters from Smile Train, we finally became their partner in providing free cleft lip and palate operations for poor children.  I am honored to be one of the coordinators of the program and the feeling of seeing those poor children smile after their successful operation is just overwhelming.  It is just a smile but for them it meant changing their life forever.

Rafe Totengco, designer of Rafe handbags paid homage to the Philippines' indigenous materials and craftsmanship by showcasing bags made of tinalak--a kind of fabric carefully weaved by the T'boli tribe of South Cotabato.

Do you ever ask yourself when was the last time you did something good for someone you didn't know? 

Enough of the crazy non-sense wars and revolutions... what we need is kindness revolution and socially responsible citizens of the world.  My friends say that I am too idealist, my ideals will not happen they say, but  there's nothing wrong with hoping that someday, somehow, it will happen.

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